With over 17 years of experience in serving world class companies with strict requirement on quality, WDI developed rapidly into be a mold expert in the fields like

WDI is one of the well-known OEM supplier in the plumbing industry, although it’s only a part of our work. We produce over 600 molds/year.
Core competencies: big-sized mold, precision mold, complexity mold, multi-cavity mold, gear mold, hot-runner mold.
All the molds are developed in cooperation with the customer. And we provide valuable suggestion on the product and mold with our technology and experiences of construction and material based on the requirements in functionality and efficiency from customer.

Many years of experience in catering class customers let our trained staff can offer reliable services, ensure the customer receive expected quality at the agreed time, generally without come to our factory.

Our strong engineering team specialize in getting the most suitable mold design( molding with short cycle time, mold with nice and stable quality, easy to be maintained or modified).
Before manufacturing, the DFM( including Mold Flow Analysis) will be sent to customer for reference/ suggestion/ approval.
To ensure superior quality from manufacture, WDI uses lots of state of the art facilities.
Good work environment with central air-condition, dehumidify system, venting system and epoxy resin floor.
Get the ISO9001:2000 quality management certification from SGS in 2002.
Start to use ERP system to control all the process of manufacture from 2006.
injection testing : the injection molding machine can be used is from 60T to 2000T.
Measuring/ testing: equipped with comprehensive range of precision inspection, measurement and testing equipment; all the important sizes of mold part and item from test will be made CPK analysis.
The weekly statues with test report and measurement report will be sent to customer for reference/ suggestion/ approval.
WDI has dozens of injection molding machines, with clamping force from 60 to 780 tons, including electric molding machines like ARBURG’s( with injection accuracy CP≥2.0 and repeat accuracy CPK ≥1.33).

Most of the machines( with monitor ) are equipped with robot automatic picking, conveyor belt transporting without human involved.
During molding each mold is equipped with mold temperature controller, thermometer, counter.
Central drying and transporting automatically to molding machine.
Dry the engineering material with dry-air dryer.
The dynamic SPC system is used to monitor the process of injection, then create graph, let workers find and control the defects.
Automatic unmanned solutions supplier.
Our trained staffs, molds and machines are always ready for any need, regardless of the order size. We are used to adjust fast if the situation requires.

The strict QC quality management system is equipped with precision testing/measuring facilities like gear meshing instrument, Coordinatefrom ZEISS.

We maintain the molds regularly. Any mold problems can be resolved in the shortest time.

Our staff receive continued training in order to take responsibility with regard to their own roles.
Beyond the production of plastic parts, WDI offers post molding services: precision sub assembly like gear box and slow-close instruction( for toilet seat).

WDI provides good balance of competitive cost and excellent quality. When we start to produce, you are assured that expected quality at the agreed time.
We can serve all types of customers, whether they are large company or small firm.
WDI is your best choice of mold and production supplier, whether the order is large or small.

We are simply present to our customer regardless of order size and needs. Please feel free to contact with us whenever you need.

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