Function Introduction

Hydraulic Machines:
*We have all kinds of hydraulic machines such as 3500KN/4500KN 10000KN to meet the common and large specification UF toilet seats productions. After finishing mold making, mold was installed on the machines. Adjusting the process parameters, putting UF material into the cavity of the mold and closing the mold, the semi-finished seat and seat cover was produced out.

Automatic reporting system
*making  and reporting the order automatically to update the link between  the production plan and production workshop in time.
*Updating the data every 3 hours to avoid the staff neglecting and making wrong the

Epoxy resin floor
*Easy to clean the floor
*No harm for human health

Automatic package machine
*the same position package
*Package uniformity and high efficiency

Automatic packing stretch foil machine
*protection function of stretch foil plays completely and all the products strongly wrap and don’t loose
*No limitation for product stacking height
*reduce the worker working strength
*Improve working efficiency

cleaning floor machine
*imported machine
*reduce the staff working strength
*protect the surface of Epoxy resin floor
*clean the floor easily and completely


*lower the workshop temperature and make sure the staff comfortable
*increase the humidity of production workshop
*inhibit the dust floating in the sky of workshop


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